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This part will now discuss about how you can get your documents ready for post-admission screening(clearance).


If you missed the part one of it or did not read it,Just head over and  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Get Your Documents Ready (GYDR).

Documents are a major focus of every University when it comes to post-admission clearance which is why you “My friend” will have to start now and make sure that you know the required things to do in order to get yourself ready.

Admission Aspirants-How Can You Get Your Documents Ready ?

Getting documents ready is a very important step for any aspirant seeking admission and to some people, it may seem like just a simple process where you gather your documents and arrange em in sequential order inside a paper bag or file.

Well,to some extent,that may seem to be true because after everything,you will still have to put all your documents inside a paper bag.

But in reality that kind of definition is what i call Bullshit, because it ain’t taking you anywhere.

Now,lets get to the point; getting documents ready involves just some simple steps which is outlined below:

Getting documents ready

1. Make a research or ask those of em in your school currently about the required set of documents needed for clearance by the School Authority.

2. Scale through the list you got in step 1 and obtain all the required documents by your institution of choice.

3. Make sure you have no conflicting details in all your documents:

This is really the most important of all the steps you have to take in arranging your documents.

This involves you making sure that  each of your documents has the following:

a. The name in all your documents must be spelled correctly: For example if your name is  ANYIGOR BENJAMIN in O-level result(WAEC),make sure that it bears exactly the-same name and letters in other ones  i:e ANYIGOR BENJAMIN in Jamb result,and ANYIGOR BENJAMIN in all the other documents.

And not ANYIGOR BENJAMIN in jamb result , AYINGOR BENJAMIN in O-level result(notice that “N” is missing from ANYIGOR) and ANYIGOR BENJAMINE in subsequent ones(Notice that additional letter “E” is attached to BENJAMIN).
Avoid making that kind of mistake in any of your documents.

b. Make sure the name in all your documents are all arranged in same order:

This is also an important part like that of the previous step which you have to be careful about.

For instance, in my O-level result the name is ANYIGOR BENJAMIN EZE ( and assuming that is the correct order for my surname,first-name and middle name respectively) make sure it is arranged exactly in same order on the other documents.For e.g ANYIGOR BENJAMIN EZE in Jamb and

ANYIGOR BENJAMIN EZE in other ones representing the surname,first-name and middle name respectively.

Not: ANYIGOR BENJAMIN EZE in O-level result representing surname,first name and middle respectively,then ANYIGOR EZE BENJAMIN (representing surname first name name and middle name respectively) in Jamb and other documents.

It is very wrong and you may not clear your admission because of that,though it depends on how strict the admission clearance officers are.

Finally, make sure the Date Of Birth in all your documents bears the-same value,number or date:


This step also has the same Hierarchy with the previous steps and this is where most candidates get into trouble because they may see Date Of Birth difference as just a minor issue but i will tell you,try it out in some schools and you will clear six months after others if you are not denied your admission.

So make sure that if for e.g your DOB is 5/6/2000 (5th June 2000) it must reflect in all your documents as 5/6/2000(5th June 2000) and not 6/5/2000(6th June 2000) in some part and 7/6/2000(7th June 2000) in other ones.

If you follow all these steps,you will be smiling during your clearance while others who did not follow the instruction will be crying.

That’s it guys on how you will get your documents ready for clearance, help others who are not aware of this fact by hitting the share button above or below and extend it to them so they can smile with you.


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