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ADMISSION ASPIRANTS, Some admission Aspirants looking to gain admission into a University, after writing Jamb and has crossed the cutoff mark for their different Schools, are too fund of waiting and anticipating Postutme update and admission for their respective schools of choice, but not all of em care to know what they need to do prior to their getting Admission.

What am trying to let you guys know is that in some schools, what happens before admission or getting admission is not actually where the problem lies.

Where the problem is for aspirants seeking admission is what happens after they have been admitted and during post-admission exercise(don’t tell me you don’t know that) called “Clearance” or “Screening” which is a process that will determine if you will keep your admission or whether you are going to pass through difficult times again writing Jamb and Post-utme.

Clearance for Admission Aspirants

Clearance in a general view is a post-admission or employment process of checking the Authenticity of what one claims to have or be, by an authority or body to verify that it is genuine or appears to be as it is depicted to, by the owner.

Clearance in Nigerian universities involves the process whereby all the documents(O-level,Jamb etc) that an aspirant for admission or You precisely, presented to them either during your Postutme registration or during Online-registration of admitted students by some schools are been Scrutinized to making sure that it met all the requirements or standard set for by the Admission Body for admission processes.

Why Is It a Must For clearance To Be Performed?

Well, the answer to this question is simply that it has to be done because every organisation,Institution or University as the case may be, needs genuine people who are and posses what they claim to be and have respectively.

Why do you Need to be careful during clearance?

A mistake you make during clearance depending on how serious it it may cost you your admission which will make you buy Jamb form again and write Post-utme.

For example,In some University which i will use “University of Benin” (UNIBEN) as a case study, though getting admission there is quite hard and disturbing for some people, but then getting admission there is not a guarantee that you will keep your admission which you’ve worked hard for at the end.

Why is it so? In UNIBEN,You can only get Matriculation number and be able to pay your school fees which is a sign that you are already a student after you’ve successfully cleared the Admission giving to you.

Finally, as an aspirant who is seeking admission into one of the great Institutions in Nigeria,probably by now you’ve passed the first and second step which is writing jamb,applying for Post-utme and writing the exam(That is GREAT). But also, you ought to be ready both emotionally(Determined to) and physically(get some tangible things ready most especially your documents) before your admission as you await the release of the most anticipated list by all Admission Aspirants “THE ADMISSION LIST”.

How will you Get your Document Ready?

To know how to get your documents ready, read the A MUST READ FOR ALL ADMISSION ASPI RANTS (part 2) (GYDR)

what do you need to do help others and yourself?

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